Shouldn't neglect hair loss treatment

Male pattern hair loss treatment baldness or alopecia is a highly debated topic in on line forums and often it is on the topic of hair loss treatment which is commonly used to halt or slow down the thinning process. When looking for hair loss treatment one must be vigilant and do some research – there are many options which may not be suitable for all. Do your homework to find the treatment that works for you and identifying the method of hair treatment administration which is preferable to you is a good start. Some hair loss people are in pill form while the majority is placed directly on the hair in form of creams or shampoos.

Men often seek out the ends of the earth for hair treatment which ranges from lotions to Chinese herbal medicine. Any pharmacy shop will host a range under the hair treatment counter and this business has proved to be a multi-billion dollar industry with the number of options available.
The few FDA approved options in hair treatment include minoxidil and finasteride (generic names). Finasteride is a prescription drug and a once a day tablet that slows hair loss by slowing down the body’s production of DHT. Clinical evidence shows slowing of progression of loss for some men while some even were able to grow new hair while using it. However, it has to be taken long term as stop of this hair treatment leads to reversal and hair loss returns.
This is also the case with minoxidil which is shown to slow down the hair loss process and again some men have resulted in hair growth.  It is also FDA approved but does not require a doctor’s prescription and is applied topically on the scalp.
The psychological effects that hair loss has on self image and self esteem is a difficult to rate but male pattern baldness is so common it is believed that up to 85% of men will have significant thinning by the time they reach 50. It is also not that uncommon to see men thinning in their 20’s.
What cause male pattern baldness or alopecia is generally believed to be genetic and over 95% of male hair loss is due to this. Other reasons such as taking certain medications, overdosing on Vitamin A, severe stress of due to some illness – all these hair loss not due to male pattern hair loss usually is reversible when the underlying issue gets resolved.
Alopecia or male pattern baldness is fairly easy to identify with the signature M- shaped receding hairline at the front.we should focused on hair loss treatment
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